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17 January 2009 @ 07:30 pm

At the moment I'm falling apart. Literally.
I hurt my ankle today at practice. It hurts really bad and we're probably going to see a doctor tomorrow. I can't even walk, which means this must be worse than last time and I just can't believe I hurt my ankle second time this season, though it's the left leg this time. I'm so angry and sad and crushed right now.
It happened when I was landing a jump, a double salchow to be specific. The whole jump just went really wrong form the start and I came down hard and after that I nearly screamed and cried like crazy because it hurt so bad. And to make it bitter, that was the last jump I was supposed to do and I was so close to doing it right as I had finally clearly understood how to do salchow. No, instead of that this fucking happens.
I'm so.. exhausted and miserable. I feel like I can't keep going with this. Every time I make even a little progress, something goes wrong.
This isn't fair.
Feeling: depresseddepressed