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31 January 2009 @ 07:31 pm
Whoa.. It's been pretty busy week. I've had five tests at school, I went to see a doctor and most of all, I've been feeling for Johnny so much and thinking about him and wishing he gets better and hoping for a miracle.. In the end, Johnny was fifth in Nationals and they didn't pick him on the World team. That will be so damn big loss for the competition. I'm pretty torn about this, because more than anything I wish him to be okay and HEALTHY. Now he has the time he probably needs to get better, but it must be such a huge, huge disappointment. I hope he does a journal entry soon or something, because I really need to know he's fine. Thank god I've got other Johnny's Angels! The forum has been a great help and I couldn't ask for more support.

My leg is getting better I think. It isn't swollen anymore and the huge bruise is fading too, but it still hurts. I don't feel depressed anymore (well, I do, but not that much) and watching Johnny's beautiful programs and interviews and all has been a great help. I feel that we have something in common right now, because we both had really bad luck and bad things happened to us.
I want to go skating SO BADLY. Watching skating makes me want to go even more, but it also helps, so I'll just keep doing it. After I get the plaster cast off I'm gonna skate so fucking much. Every day, if I can. It's funny how I should probably hate double sachow or at least be afraid of it, but I just want to do it million times right now. I know how it's done, now I need to do it.

My mind's so full of figure skating right now.. I can't think about anything else than Johnny.
Feeling: thoughtfulthoughtful
31 January 2009 @ 08:23 pm

OMG, I got a really really REALLY good idea!! The Angels are doing a scrapbook for Johnny as usual and I want to participate too, but I didn't have any ideas for my page.. But now I know what to do! Hopefully it will turn out beautifully! I will probably start doing it next week, but I'm already planning... God, I have so many thoughs about it. Maybe I'll even take it to a new level and add some rhinestones or things like that..

I'm so happy right now. <3

Feeling: hyperhyper