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30 December 2008 @ 07:13 pm
"Mesh and me, we mix."  
Christmas went extremely well. I got nice gifts and the food was good.
My presents:
- Two books
- Headphones
- Supernatural season 1
- The Dark Knight DVD
- Kingdom Hearts II calendar
- Pajama
- T-shirt from Sex Pot Revenge
- Dir en grey's new album (limited edition <3)
- Lots of chocolate
- New shoes
Now I'm waiting for New Year's Eve, but I think it's not gonna be anything super awesome. We're going to a restaurant tomorrow and then we'll watch some fireworks in Hämeenlinna. Hopefully it won't be too cold!

Damn, I wanna go skating. I'm a little bit angry at my friend, because she promised to go to the rink today with me, but when I asked again, she was with her boyfriend. Great. I asked my other friend too, but she's really busy this week. We went to skate on last Friday and had so much fun trying double jumps and everything too difficult! We skated for two and half hours. I did as many axels as I could, but I still couldn't get the landing right. Thank god I have practice on Thursday. I also miss my program.

For now.. I think I'm going to write to Wilderness. Then, maybe I'll pick photos for my Johnny Weir calendar. It's gonna look great. <3 I've been looking for good pictures and found some really adorable ones. And I've watched many videos too! I laughed my butt off when I watched Illusion Mesh Fabric and I couldn't stop thinking what Sinkki had said about it. She though that Kimberly Navarro was definitely flirting with Johnny and Brooke Castile was drunk. We both hated Meryl Davis' voice and we had mixed thoughts about Tanith Belbin.. Sinkki drew a super amazing picture of her, though.

Almost forgot: Check my mood! Isn't he cute? <3

Feeling: relaxedrelaxed
Music: Wonder Girls - Nobody